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Bittrail is an equipment checkout system designed for small to medium sized labs that check out equipment. As the name Bittrail implies, it is designed to help keep accurate records dealing with checking out equipment, to leave a "bit trail" similar to if you are using paperwork to leave a paper trail.

Bittrail is available to use on a monthly or yearly basis. All aspects of Bittrail management are handled in-house. You pay either a monthly or yearly fee, which ever is more convenient to you, and we take care of all:

We are also working on a number of different add-ons that extend the usefulness of Bittrail. For instance, there is a new Communication Center, that by using a 3rd party forum integrated into Bittrail, makes communication between staff members very easy. We are currently working on a Help Center add-on that links certain areas of Bittrail directly to help pages about those parts of Bittrail. The help pages are customizable by lab supervisors, so that it is possible to change things to reflect your lab's policies. Most add-on's cost an additional monthly or yearly cost in order to cover the additional hosting requirements, since add-on's require additional 3rd party software to be installed. For more information, please see our Hosting Plan page.

Below are links that pertain to the current development of Bittrail.

Current Development Servers:

Live Advanced Tech Lab Server This server is used in the Advanced Technology Lab, and helps to test new features in a live environment before they are used on the main Bittrail servers.
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